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Case Studies


Company Overview:
A real estate company with three offices and over 120 agents.

Customer Base:
Metropolitan Area of approximately 1.5 million

Keeping all three offices staffed with a receptionist during weekends. The receptionists give out information to real estate agents throughout the area that allow their properties to be shown to prospective buyers. They also coordinate showings with the current homeowners. Weekends are when most homes are shown and this is very critical to the company's bottom-line. It was also a constant management problem as the odds are quite good that one of the weekend receptionists would not be available when needed.

We proposed creating an online accessible database of the real estate company's currently listed properties and homes for all three offices. This would also contain all of the real estate agents in the metropolitan area. This would decrease the number of weekend receptionist to one. This would also allow the receptionist to work from home. If for some reason a receptionist was not able to work the weekend a manager could take over without being physically present at one of the offices.
This solution had the added benefit of decreasing the labor cost for weekend staffing by 66%. With this dramatic labor savings it also allowed the real estate company to give their most dependable receptionist an increase in pay and benefits to help retain her.

Home Mortgage Finance

Co. Overview:
A national real estate lending company

Customer Base:
The United States

Home Mortgage Finance was looking to gain a web presence and jump into the online loan processing field. They also wanted to be able to integrate their online loan applications to a windows based program that loan agents use to process loans.
HMF also wanted to improve their corporate identity and establish consistent branding in all their marketing materials.

After carefully analyzing many national lending companies' websites it became apparent that most of these sites provided way to many distractions for their website visitors. We proposed that HMF concentrate on keeping their customers focused on what they came to the site for in the first place, to apply for a loan.
We provided the tools that customers needed the most to make a decision to apply for a loan and built in processes to maintain constant contact with applicants after they submitted an application.
We also obtained the needed information to connect submitted applications to their desktop loan processing software to allow loan agents to easily import online loan applications.

Julian - Modrcin Development - Tiffany Greens

Co. Overview:
Luxury home development on a semi-private golf course

Customer Base:

This luxury housing development was unable to make changes to their website in-house. Customers would occasionally arrive to see homes or lots that had already been sold.
This could start out the relationship with sales agents on the wrong foot and many customers would leave immediately when told the home in question had already been sold.
They wanted their homes to be presented in a fashion that would allow website visitors to make an informed decision before they arrived based solely on viewing their site.
They have had customers purchase home from as far away as South Africa in the past and know that they can draw customers for their homes from throughout the world.
With over 50% of all homebuyers starting their search for a new home via the internet this website makeover was absolutely necessary.

We implemented a database driven website with a password protected administrative area. This allows sales agents to update the website and remove lots and homes as soon as they are sold. This change is in real time and is very simple for the agents to change.
They are also able to make changes to other areas of the site that change frequently. We also implemented user permissions in the administrative area so that a person outside the company (a freelance writer) can update the monthly newsletter but could not change any other area.
We recommended one of our associates, a professional photographer, take all the pictures of the homes and of the community. These pictures were of high enough quality to allow Tiffany Greens to re-use them in magazine articles and print advertising.
This translates into a significant savings for the development and really sets the website far and above the majority of real estate development websites.

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