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Corporate & Product Identity

Are you happy with your company's logo? Your logo or "brand" should be your company's most valuable asset. Your brand represents your company and all it stands for. Our branding specialists can help develop or enhance an existing brand. We can also develop business systems that effectively use your logo and increase the public's awareness of your brand.

Website design and development

Do you need a website designed, or a current site re-designed? Let our team of experts take care of everything. We begin every project with a thorough analysis of your current site and your competitor's site. We will often spend as much time analyzing your competitor's site as we spend on yours. This insures that your finished product surpasses your competitor's, usually by leaps and bounds.

We feel that our team of professionals can project your product or services to your customers in an effective and pleasing manner. Our goal is to present and sell your product better than the competition.

We can also provide the following additional services:

> Web site hosting
> Domain name registration
> E-Commerce and Shopping Cart sites
> Content Development
> Database driven sites
> Custom Web Forms
> Search engine registration and optimization (see below)
> Banner ads
> Custom HTML and Java scripting
> Interactive Flash movie presentations
> Site statistical analysis

Search Engine Optimization

There is a lot more than just creating a web site to get people to use your site. How does your company's website become a more powerful magnet? This can be done in a variety of ways, but always starts with a careful examination of your existing website. Many websites are created by nonprofessionals and even sites created by professionals are not optimized to be found by search engines. The seemingly little things that are in reality the most important aspect of attracting web customer are missing or incomplete. We can usually optimize a web site and have it re-registered in less than a day.

We can also re-examine your companies search engine rankings on a monthly or quarterly basis. We can then make additional adjustments to continually enhance your search engine results.

Web-Based Solutions

Many companies have problems that can easily be solved by implementing web based solutions. After a careful analysis of your business processes, we can often find solutions to your company's biggest problems. Many customers are already aware of solutions that exist; they just need our help to implement those solutions.

> Intranet development
> Virtual Offices
> Website to desktop program integration
> Web technology integration

Marketing & Public Relations Tips

OK so now you have a search engine optimized website, what do you do next? The next step should involve additional methods to make your website more visible. One way to do this is to generate a press release announcing your website. Another often overlooked step is a careful evaluation of your company's brochures, letterhead, product packaging, and business cards. Everything you print should have your website address printed on it.

Is your website address prominently displayed on all of your marketing materials? If not, you are missing opportunities to make additional sales and to help spread brand awareness of your company.

Have you considered submitting an article along with your press release? This often increases the likelihood of being mentioned in trade publications, magazines, and newspapers. Many times a well written article will be published word for word. This method works well when submitted to publications you frequently advertise with.

Let us help you with all of the following:

> Press releases and press conferences
> News articles
> Package design
> Annual and quarterly reports

Note: We can accept the following credit card options for any of our services listed above!

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, eCheck

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