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"Websites That Work"

We specialize in "Websites That Work." We create websites that will accomplish your original goal of increasing the sales of your product or service. Now this sounds like the obvious reason as to why all websites are created. The reality is that only a very small percentage of websites accomplish this goal.

Creating and deploying your website is actually the first of many steps toward this goal. Sadly at most web design companies, this is the first and only step they will ever take upon your behalf. You are left to fend for yourself or assume that your product or service just doesn't sell very well on the internet. I have heard so many clients say that they have tried the internet as a sales outlet but it just doesn't work. The reason being, is that design and deployment, was the only step ever taken in their previous efforts.

A website needs to be developed with a marketing strategy before construction takes place. The developer and copywriter must know the key word phrases that will be used to market the website, before starting website development. Goals for the most important key word phrases your customers will use, to find you via the internet, have to be defined before any content is written. Most companies and web developers have no idea of how important the words and content of their website are towards achieving desired marketing goals.

We let you know all the steps needed to put up a successful website before you ever start a website. We will also give you a firm estimate on how much you should expect to spend on marketing and development of your website. We only use proven methods to get your website the search engine results you're after. No gimmicks that can jeopardize your search engine placement are ever used.

We use professional copywriters to assist in the creation or rework of your content. We also have the experience to save you countless dollars in development costs. Not only can we develop a quality website, we will work efficiently on your project to save you not only development time but development costs.

Call us now 816-734-1845 and I will be glad to discuss how your organization can get started on the right track towards developing a website that truly works.

Steve Douglas & Associates headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri is a professional website design company specializing in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and web site consulting.
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