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"Websites That Work"
We are frequently asked to re-design websites. We can do look and feel re-designs but we also do a lot of content re-design to achieve better search engine results. This diferentiates us from most website design companies. We want to insure that not only will your re-designed site look better, but it performs better as well.

We will meet with you to discuss your re-design goals. We will also need to know your cumpetitors website addresses and as many of the key words people will use to find your products via search engines. We will then do an analysis of your current website, your competitors websites, and the websites that are currently achieving top ranked search engine results using your definded key word prhrases. We will also develop a marketing plan that will get your newly redesigned website working as soon as it is deployed.

We will then create a detailed proposal outlining our suggestions on how to proceed with your re-design. We give detailed estimates on what your project will cost. We can make adjustments or create a phased project plan to insure your project is on time and on budget.

We use professional copywriters to assist in the creation or rework of your content. We also have the experience to save you countless dollars in development costs. Not only can we develop a quality website, we will work efficiently on your project to save you not only development time, but development costs.

Call us now 816-734-1845 and I will be glad to discuss how your organization can get started on the right track towards re-designing a website that truly works.

Steve Douglas & Associates headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri is a professional website design company specializing in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and web site consulting.
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