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We can get that elusive traffic you desire very quickly. We can usually do this in less than one day. Aggressive search engine marketing can be done for far less money than traditional print, radio or television advertising. It is the most cost effective type of advertising that can be used to promote your business.

This has been so successful, that we have been asked to temporarily pause a campaign because a dramatic increase in traffic will uncover flaws in a website. This is often a normal process that website owner go through. By examining the web server statistics we can make logical changes to get the website working correctly. We will then restart the ad campaign, repeating this process until we get visitors to jump through every hoop you want them to. Our experience in this process gives us the ability to spot existing website flaws before even starting on your ad campaign.

We also recommend using Overture to drive traffic to websites if a Google AdWords campaign is not producing desired results. This is a more aggressive approach used by company's who want to bring in tremendous amounts of traffic. It is our experience that Overture will cost more per click than a Google AdWords campaign but will still yield excellent results.

When a website has been optimized, and Google and Overture ad campaigns are used, this three fold process can drive unbelievable traffic to a website. This high level of traffic also yields the benefit of allowing you to make changes that create immediate increase in sales. If customers aren't buying a product you can make changes to the ad copy, pricing, shipping costs etc. to really get a website working flawlessly. This is also a very normal process that we have helped many customers deal with.

Managing anything requires the ability to measure progress and improvements. We always insist on access to web server statistics for your current website before we start an ad campaign. This gives us a baseline that will assist you in making sure you are getting what you have paid for. We will also assist you in reading the statistics provided by Google or Overture.

We welcome this and encourage you to get involved and learn how to read these statistics on at least a monthly basis. We can also provide executive summaries that will present your statistics in meaningful, easy to understand reports. We can analyze your statistics for you on a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis to make sure we are making positive changes. We welcome the opportunity to show you some of our customers Google AdWords statistics along with their web server statistics to demonstrate before and after campaign results.

So what's the next step? The best way to get started, is to just pick up the telephone and call us 816-734-1845, or you can also use our contact us form.

Steve Douglas & Associates headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri is a professional website design company specializing in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and web site consulting.

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