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Associate: Steve Douglas
Expertise: Project Management, Client Relationships, New Business

Steve Douglas has either worked for, or performed work for Vision Consulting, Sprint, Mail Solutions, Trans World Airlines, Henning & Bough, Kathy Lyerla Design, Julian - Modrcin Development, Hallmark Cards, Quarterage Hotels,, U.S. Navy, Southwest Marine,, Cargill, EDC Partners, American Airlines, Hunt Midwest, RealtorEForms, Realty Executives, HumanaNatura, Ultimate Karaoke, Davis Foods and many others. He has worked on varied projects, some lasting over three years and costing millions of dollars down to small projects for sole proprietors that may only last a couple of weeks.

Steve has worked in Web Development since 1995, developing large corporate intranets, e-commerce sites, database driven sites, and for the last 3 years has been developing customer updateable web sites. Steve's forte is search engine marketing.

"I love to visit companies and see firsthand how they operate. I always learn something, which I can use and apply to my own business. This is one of the aspects I like most about projects. I often develop lifelong friendships with clients.

One of the most difficult things we do is to take a company's ideas and put them in motion. Although this usually takes a few steps to get to the finished product, it is very rewarding."

The final product, should, at the very least, meet or exceed our clients expectations." If we have done a great job, which I am here to insure that we will, we will have gained a customer for life.

Favorite movie: Oliver Stones, JFK
Favorite quote: "If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got"
Favorite TV show: The Sopranos
Favorite color: Psychedelic

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Steve Douglas & Associates headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri is a professional website design company specializing in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and web site consulting.

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