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Associate: Kenny Saunders
Expertise: Web Programing, E-Commerce Solutions, Software Development, Web Site Design

When we need the extraordinary done, we turn to Kenny. Simply put, he's on a level all his own. His title of Programming God at Miller Design allows him ample opportunity to showcase both his design and development talents. Clients often come to us asking for special programming requirements, complex database systems, and sometimes the utterly impossible. We just smile and say yeah, no problem, Kenny can do it. Kenny makes it happen. We go back and tell our clients it's done, and that it was easy. Everybody is ecstatic. It's a great situation. Since Kenny's expertise is unmatched, he often has to resort to talking to himself and his computer screen in order to work through project requirements. This suspicious behavior along with his ability to spew technical facts as if he were talking about the weather, has left us believing that he is in fact a cyborg humanoid probably from another planet.

Kenny completed the Web Site Development program at Conseva Learning Center, Inc. Coursework included 300 plus hours in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, WAP/WML, XML, Web Graphics with Fireworks 4, Design with Dreamweaver, SQL, and IIS.

Kenny's alter ego emerges at night as he plays lead guitar for the hard rock band Indira. Screaming fans, body piercings and frenzied mosh pits provide sharp contrast to his quiet, methodical day life.

Favorite color: blue
Favorite soda: Coke
Favorite author: JRR Tolkien

Contact Kenny at Miller Design at (816) 554-1299, or E-mail Kenny at

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