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Associate: Martina Ramirez
Expertise: Web Site Design, Flash Actionscript, Print Design, Catalog Design, Logos and Illustration

A perfect blend of art and cutting edge technology is the best way to describe Ms. Ramirez. As creative visionary at Miller Design, Martina utilizes her extensive background in print design and web site design to give life to every venture she produces. Her wide range of technical abilities are what make her remarkable, and which allow her to cross back and forth over the fine lines between designer, developer and programmer. A work-horse mentality continually drives Martina to higher levels of excellence while commanding respect amongst her peers.

Martina graduated from Johnson County Community College with an Associates Degree in Communication Design, completing courses in the interactive media certificate program. Martina then held the art director position at Mitchell Import Company where she designed product and advertising projects. Now at Miller Design, Martina's creative and technical skills are fully realized online and offline, using a wide range of available tools.

Martina spends her free time developing complex web sites and occasionally cracks open books like Advanced Flash Actionscripting for some light reading material. Strong ties to her very large, outgoing family help give Martina a solid support system and an unlimited supply of amazing home-made Mexican food created by her father.

Favorite movie: Kill Bill
Favorite beverage: Dr. Pepper
Favorite color: Clear

Contact Martina at Miller Design at (816) 554-1299, or E-mail Martina at

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