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We Want To Be Your Kansas City Area Web Site Designers!

Looking for a local Kansas City Area Web Site Design Company?

Look no further, Steve Douglas and Associates can provide any level of design services you may require. Steve Douglas has been developing web sites since 1995. Our associates together have over 30 years of combined experience working to insure success on any size project.

Our associates have all been chosen because of their high level of competence and skills. Let us perform a free analysis on your current web site, we will also analyze your competitors websites. We will then recommend a course of action and provide you with a written proposal of what we can do to get your web site up and running.

Websites That Work!

Do you have an existing web site that is not generating the leads or sales you desire? If so you have a web site that doesn't work. This is a situation many companies are currently in. How can we help you solve this problem? First by optimizing your existing web site, so that search engines can read your web pages. Search Engine Optimization also involves how your website pages will appear once they are listed in a search engine results page.

We will also recommend a course of action to drive traffic to your website. This can be done most importantly by having compelling content on your web site. We are one of the only Web Design companies in Kansas City with a professional copy writer. Our copy writer can quickly dress up your current web site text or create completely new articles that can be exactly what your website needs to attract visitors and more importantly to generate sales or leads.

We will then register your website with all of the free search engines. You may also have us register with search engines that may require a fee. We can also conduct an aggressive web site promotion using Google AdWords or Overture. These types of web site promotions will immediately start bringing visitors to your web site. We can continue to manage this campaign on a monthly basis if you desire.

Take a Look at One of Our Award Winning Websites.

Tiffany Greens

This web site won the Kansas City Area Home Builder Association's Best Community Web Site. This is the only award the association gives for a website.

This website project was personally managed by Steve Douglas. Roberta Gales, one of our associates provided most of the dynamic programming. Fred Pilgram was responsible for the design work. Our associate copywriter Katherine Holloway wrote the About Us article and edited the rest of the website. Our associate Marla Storey created the Area Map. Professional Photographer Bruce Mathews was used for pictures throughout the site.

This is a perfect example of how great a website can be if developed by a team of competent professionals. The homes built here are high end homes and the web site must reflect the quality of this development and the high quality homes being sold.

It may seem like a great expense to hire all of these professionals for a website, but much of what was produced can easily be re-used for magazine articles and print advertising. The suggestions that Steve Douglas made during the management of this project were a big factor in the success of this website. Another factor was the clients willingness to put these suggestions into motion.

The article that copywriter Katherine Holloway produced has been used as a basis of many articles published about Tiffany Greens. The Photography has also been used for numerous other purposes to promote Tiffany Greens.

Current Google Rating - 5 out of a possible 10. Very few companies beside MSN, Google, or Yahoo achieve a Google rating above a 4. This site was designed to attract visitors using passive search engine optimization techniques. It utilizes compelling content and has links to and from this site to other popular web sites. These two factors help drive the third most important factor to achieving a high Google rating. The third factor is popularity. This web site is a perfect example of everything done right. We can do the same for your company also.

Call for a Free Web Site Analysis Now!

It's that simple. You make the call (816-734-1845) and we can handle the rest!

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Steve Douglas & Associates headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri is a professional website design company specializing in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and web site consulting.

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